The internet is full of people trying to make money dishonestly... the betting world possibly more so than others. There are many tipsters/handicappers that will pop up with some hugely unrealistic ROIs, with a spreadsheet full of results that nobody is able to ever tell is genuine or not.

What that means for the honest tipster, with a modest, but realistic ROI is that they will get overlooked in favour of somebody who claims they can win you £1,000 in a week. It's too late once you've already lost, and may leave a bitter taste in the mouth of customers.

This is where Tipstrr Engine comes in. Our platform doesn't allow tipsters to amend or remove tips once they have been published on the tips page, and the results page shows wins and losses, regardless of whether they'd like to be brushed under the carpet or not.

What this means for Tipsters on our engine is that they can brag about their results without being accused of being dishonest... and their customers can be sure they aren't being misled.