Tipstrr Engine is entirely designed for tipsters. Running a website alone can be a full time job, without the need to also find the best odds and analysing games.

Twitter isn't a platform for serious Tipsters. It is designed to give messages in 140 characters or less, which is great for sharing thoughts, quick messages, or advertising, but it cannot accurately track your results.

Wordpress is a great platform for a small website or a blog. It may take the effort of writing a post away, but how does it handle your results? All the tipsters we spoke to still had to update their results tables, find the best odds, use MailChimp (at a cost to themselves) to let their members know amongst other things. Manually handle adding members and payments and ensuring memberships are functioning correctly. This takes up 90% of the time, leaving 10% for the bit that actually matters!

But what about your customers? Why would the trust that you managed a 15% ROI? Should they take your word for it, or should they monitor your results themselves every day? Even then, everybody makes mistakes... do you want to receive angry emails and get penalised because you miscalculated a result?

This is why Tipstrr Engine was born. Tipstrr Engine handles everything, including:

  • Events - We list all upcoming events that you can give tips on.
  • Odds - We find you the best odds at time of creation and publish.
  • Results - We calculate whether your tip won or lost, and add it to your results history.
  • Emailing - We let all your members know when you have new tips, or let you send out a mail to advertise a new offer.
  • Payments - We handle the payment, including the payment processing fees.
  • Blog - We give you an area to write blog posts to keep members informed, or to simply share your views on a recent or upcoming event
  • SEO - Our platform has been written with SEO in mind, boosting your visibility on Google and increasing organic traffic to your site

Tipstrr Engine is actively being updated with new features all the time, so you know that you're on a platform that is always moving forward.