We want to give all users the safest and most powerful Tipstrr experience when using one of the many Tipstrr Engine sites. In the real world these are run by people who aim to give the best insight into the tips they offer to make you money. Sadly they are also subject to real world problems. The most common (but not all) reason's for a site to be marked as Inactive are described below.

Change of Career

Just like the many thousands of people who hand in their resignation daily, this too can happen as a Tipstrr. Whether they are burnt out or considering other job opportunities this is just a fact of life.


Some of our Tipstrr's due to personal issues or lifestyle changes don't find the time to place their tips. This can have serious repercussions to paying members. So if we notice a site has been inactive for a while, we will inform our users that this is the case. If you have been affected by being a member of a site but they become inactive then please see I have a Paid Membership but the Tipstrr isn't Publishing any Tips.


Whilst very rare, if we catch Tipstrr's attempting to abuse the terms of service or harm members, they may be shut down to stop future harm.