Major Features

  • Tip Categories

    • Allows adding tips to “no results” category so they don’t appear in main results. Can be used for fun bets.

    • Grouping of tips into categories for better results views. E.g. group all your doubles, trebles, accumulators or by sport

  • Members can now pick their odds type from Decimal/American/Fraction. This affects all odds displayed on Tipstrr sites and helps members by showing them in a format they are used to. You can change yours in the edit profile area.

  • Automated tweet on tip publish, similar to sending out email to members but if they have a twitter account they can now see your tweets published with links directly to the tips.

  • Twitter login support for members


  • Navigation menu is now improved to contain many more custom items optimized for tablet and desktop displays.

    • Dropdown menus allow many more items to be displayed

  • Account features integrated into the navigation menu for easy access

  • Membership options have been streamlined, less to fill in and less to go wrong.

  • Moved to using OAuth 2.0 for login with Facebook

  • The ability to link your user account to a twitter/facebook account after signup, you can find this in the edit profile area.

  • Timezones of sites are now applied to tip emails, for example an american Tipster might be -04:00 behind UTC, email event times will be offset accordingly.

  • Profile pictures shown in the navigation, to give a more personalised feel.

Bug Fixes

  • Error pages are cleaned up and nicer visually (Although these never happen ;))

  • Forgotten password now generates the correct url in the email so users can change their password themselves

  • Premium membership filter in CMS now actually filters premium memberships correctly.

  • Free membership filter properly shows your sites free members.

  • Better validation for membership options.

  • US Sports werent including overtime in the results calculation.

  • Negative sign is now displayed in the correct position for results table

  • ROI View on home page now displayed correctly on mobiles, also shows more information including won and loss count on mobile.

  • Tipster pages now work if the tipster has strange characters in their profile name.

  • Mobile devices can now unsubscribe from emails.

  • Fixed tip publish message display showing invalid characters.

  • Membership option screen no longer errors when editing an in-use membership.

  • Membership options no longer use cycles, just a more simple “recurring” and “non-recurring”.

  • Change password screen now works again.

  • Tipster profile pages now work even if the tipster uses special characters.

  • All CMS and Account Edit pages now work correctly on mobile devices.

  • Facebook login will now work for new sites.

Behind The Scenes

  • Upgraded our server architecture to better handle the growing number of Tipstrrs and members

  • Support for obfuscated tips which can be hidden for several days before being visible to the public.

  • Got rid of horrible links througout the site and replaced with tipstrr short urls.