Awesome! You've just had your new Tipstrr site set up and you're champing at the bit to get started and start providing your verified picks. Here we have pointed out a few key things you should look at modifying on your website before you start to ensure everything is as optimised as possible:

1. In CMS, you have an option called 'site settings'. IN here are loads of cool things to enhance your site. To start with, be sure to customise your 'about' section. In here, speak about the sports you offer, your experience and your aims.

2.Again in CMS, fill out the 'tips'text' box - this text is displayed above your tipson the 'tips/picks' page. Here you can speak about the leagues you cover, maybe even the markets. Also point out to clients and potential clients that your tips are verified by Tipstrr!

3. CMS again, is a 'results text' box. This text appears above your results, so it's a good idea to explain the results you expect, how you expect to get them and anything else that could be useful.

4. If you have a Facebook page or twitter account, you can add links to these easily, again in the Site Settings section of the CMS. Links will appear in the "follow us" section of the site footer.

5. Arguably the most important thing to consider is setting up your staking structure. At Tipstrr, to ensure all tipsters/cappers can be followed by anyone, we have set a mandatory 1-20 unit staking plan. However, you can set the value of 1 unit yourself. This is done by setting 2 options in the 'Site Setting's section of CMS. Firstly, set your currency, you can choose from major currencies, along with an arbitrary 'Units' option. Once you've decided this, you need to choose your maximum stake. Tipstrr then calculates the rest for you. For example, a $100 max bet would allow bets in $5 increments from $5 to $100. A £500 maximum bet would be from £25 to £500 in £25 increments.

6. Want to get people to your site? With Tipstrr we have added the cool feature of allowing you to publish your tips to twitter (with a link), automatically! This feature is used and our analytics show that this gets is a successful way of getting people to visit your site. Again, this can be done in the 'site settings' area within Tipstrr CMS.

7. Tip Categories - Not at all compulsory, but some people like to have results set by categories, whether it be by bet type, by sport or any other grouping. Be sure to set these up from day 1, as you can't add an old tip to a new category (to stop people trying to add all of their winners to one category!). This allows members to view tips by category, and results by category too.

8. Blog! Although this can sometimes be time consuming, writing regular (weekly-ish) blogs helps people understand how you work, and the depth of your knowledge. It also gets people to visit your site, spark opinions and debates - as well as help SEO and visibility for your site on Google etc.

9. When adding multiple picks, to ensure they are all sent in the same email (and to avoid spamming your clients with one email per pick), set the scheduled publish time for each tip to the same time. The Tipstrr platform will merge them all in to one email. Job Done!

So, before you start adding picks, spend 10-20 minutes completing the 10 things above to make sure your site is good to go!!